Saturday, February 20, 2010

The D'Ukes of Margarita

My buddy Steve and I have been playing ukulele for a couple of years now. We have similar tastes in music and ukulele songs. We both trade off singing parts, laugh and and TRY to be consistent. We are The D'Ukes of Margarita. We do traditional, western and contemporary covers. DON'T take us seriously, because we certainly do not take ourselves that way. We are entertaining, engaging interactive and will put the crowd at ease and maybe have an old fashioned campfire sing-along. Get ready for our YouTube premiere coming soon! 

As you might remember my earlier post about my concept sketch more or less a gesture, a hint of an idea. It is so important to grab those thoughts on paper. A quick sketch will always come in handy. From that came a name provided by Tim Blair. Thank you!

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