Saturday, February 19, 2011

Graphicornius Maximus: On-Track Studio Curb appeal

Graphicornius Maximus: On-Track Studio Curb appeal: "Well it's amazing what a palette of colors can inspire... The palette that initiated the makeover. I have worked in this studio for the p..."

Graphicornius Maximus: CCCMB TrailWerks Poster

"When I was assigned this job, and CCCMB told me the trailwork targeted, I immediately thought of American Gothic by artist Grant Wood as the ideal graphic. It turns to be a very popular piece of artwork to use in satire, Wow.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The History of Cycling Posters

I'm doing a little online research for an upcoming bike poster design for a local winery. They will have a wine event based around a killer bicycle race in May. In the past, I've done graphics for cycling events like the Central Coast Cycling Classic, bike art posters, and Tall Bike Builds. including one for Talley Vineyards.

The stuff I come across is amazing. It's both intimidating and inspiring.
If you're not familiar with the History of bike races, a quick search will showcase some classic posters from Europe where the sport originated. There are also some contemporary bike race posters that are on our own continent that play off the history as well, and some stunning photography that captures the thrill of the race. There's some good stuff out there.

Look for mine soon...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prompt Attention

When you're too close to the business the obvious is not apparent. When seen from the perspective of the uninitiated, it hits yo like a ton of bricks.

Sick? Dying? FRENCH 'ER!

The subliminal suggestion displayed isn't quite what they probably had in mind. Spotted on a billboard on the 101 southbound just north of SLO. I definitely did a double take when I went whizzing by. French is a Hospital located in San Luis Obispo. At 65 mph, no one will pick up on the light serif font that spells it out. On the positive note, I did read it all the second time I drove south to SLO. I'm assuming the intended audience is the local traffic that commutes to work every day.

On the campaign expense side, I see the ad on billboards both northbound and southbound, AND in the local newspaper AND the cash paid to the ad agency who owns the account. Was it intentional? If so - Brilliant! The client has a great sense of humor, and the agency has a sharp designer who knows how turn heads (not recommended on the freeway while driving). So I ask you marketeers out there: Should the client drop the agency? What amends should take place?