Saturday, September 8, 2012

Xcross Sketch

Xcross Sketch by bilbord99
Xcross Sketch, a photo by bilbord99 on Flickr.
Cyclocross is again coming to SLO County in fall/winter and I love this spectator sport. It's a chance to watch modern day martyrs flog themselves silly for no other reason than to claim they beat their competitors. It's a chance to bring my bamboo fishing pole, attach dollar bills as bait and go fishing in the pool of participants. It's a chance to watch the rad girls who can certainly kick my ass sideways. This illustration is an homage to the Joan of Arcs who attack and don't back off. Cheers to you!

From the Design Vault...

I found a drawer of old stuff. This is a sticker that went on the back of your skateboard truck. It came in a bag of truck nuts and bolts. I still like animating inanimate objects.