Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Public Art the way it should be:

Street Sign Sculpture from Six Stair on Vimeo.

Street sculptor shows us all how it should be done; unexpected, revealing, speaks to your soul. Street art is a a shared moment between artist, observer and their surroundings. Awesome job!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CCCMB TrailWerks Poster

When I was assigned this job, and CCCMB told me the trailwork targeted, I immediately thought of American Gothic by artist Grant Wood as the hook. This may be the most parodied art by an American painter.
I replaced the original house with Froom Ranch house,  strapped a BMX helmet that fit the farmer's skull so well, traded the pitchfork for a McCloud, and gave the wife a shade hat worn by sun savvy hikers. This classic painting is a cultural icon and has been one of the most reproduced – and parodied – images ever.
I hope this poster catches the community's attention and brings many volunteers out on this special TrailWerks day. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY LATELY?

Monday, October 11, 2010

On-Track Studio Curb appeal

Well it's amazing what a pallette of colors can inspire...
The palette that initiated the makeover.

I have worked in this studio for the past two years neglecting the exterior until this summer. It's always been a non-descriptive shed with little (ok, none) curb appeal. The interior is sheetrocked, insulated, painted and can be quite cozy when the weather is acts up. When inspired, the work flows and the imagination is triggered. Though I wish the creative spark does not make the work any easier (sigh).

More photos on my Flickr Site