Friday, February 5, 2010

Concept Sketch Just for Fun...

I have been pretending to be a musician for over three years. My good friend and I practice and play sporadically at back yard parties, one beer hall and art openings. We now have over 20 songs in our repertoire (though some we play better than others). Our music pulls from Punk, Johnny Cash, Tinpan Alley, Hawaiian and some contemporary medleys and we seem to actually entertain others! We love to pass out shakers and I play solo Kazoo on a few. Our songs include sing-alongs, and our interaction with the crowd is very lively to say the least.
What I'm trying to get at is Entertainment comes from many dynamics and not necessarily have to do with talent. People naturally like to laugh and have fun. What we lack talent-wise, we make up for in entertainment.
Above is a rough sketch for our act. It sort of says what we are about visually, but we need a name. Please help us and think of a name to hang on this logo. Be creative and entertaining. I can't wait to read your replies.


  1. “The Dukes” - a little John Wayne, a little Duke Kahanamoku and a little Duke Ellington, perhaps even some Marmaduke…it’s all good.

    Other variations:

    The Dukes of Marguerite – add a hint of the Latin influence of Dia de los Muertos and your home town and a little possible intrigue/fiction back story of who “Marguerite” is. People would shorten this to “The Dukes” with a little encouragement – so you could have both.

    The D’ukes – a nod to Death Ukes. : )

    “The Dukes de los Muertos” would also be fun and would get shortened to “The Dukes” also by most.

    Could also be the Dukes of Margarita to give it a closer tie to the town and also drinkin’…. I like Marguerite better.

    Fun stuff!


  2. Yeah Tim! I like them all. I'm anxious to se what else comes my way.