Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Art for Open Studios 2015

It's all about change and staying out of the comfort zone. This year, I challenged myself with two new mediums: Watercolor and Sumi Brush. Both cannot be erased, muddled, or laid down without intent - unforgiving and painful when they go awry. It hurts to see good progress go south when a touch of a loaded brush and spreads uncontrollably on wet watercolor paper. When things go as planned and the medium is under control and action is intentional, it's clean, friendly, packable and spontaneous.
The "Summer Sumi Series" was created on the spot during my wonderful, bright, summery days on the Central Coast. I enjoy creating en plein aire while hiking, mountain biking, lounging at the beach, or time with friends at a campground using beer as water to paint. Art reflects life, or is it life reflect art? Either way, both have been challenging lately and art is always my way to sort it out. Here's a link to my Flickr site: Summer Sumi Series of just some that will be available for purchase in October. 

Please visit my studio both weekends in October for SLO County Open Studios tour.