Monday, October 6, 2014

OSAT 2014 Pre-Show Studio Prep

I have an art show coming up. It's part of the countywide Open Studios Art Tour SLO. Time speeds up as I prepare for it. Despite that overwhelming feeling, these are the things I want to accomplish:
1. Paint the studio walls
2. Finish the 8x8 for #OSAT2014 group show at Art Central
3. Stain frames
4. Hang mural
5. Create three (3) bike chain print blocks

All this before October 11.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Southern Station Show

Artist Statement photo bombed by chicken!

The paint color pops under the Santa Margarita Historical Society's photos.
The Sidetracked show is down, but the gallery loves on! Consider purchasing one and support the arts.

The landscapes come individually mounted on a wooden palette all hardware ready to hang.
Contact me directly bill(at)on-trackstudio for inquiries.

SACRED SPACES - Paintings from Native American mortar sites.
WATER & LAND - The border between the two make for interesting vistas.

ON-TRACKS - The original American artery along urban parts of the East Bay.

Poppies Replaced by Kiosk

Springtime Poppies Under a Contrail Sky had a three-week stint at the smokers bench in downtown Santa Margarita. The public site now has a kiosk for the Santa Margarita Historical Society. No worries though; pop-up art will continue and thrive where it's needed most.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Seven Years Ago, Really?

We were enthusiastic, pumped up and ready to spread the bicycle gospel to the masses. Our location was ideal and the public loved it. What, you missed it? Well you can behold/relive the bike art shows through the magic of the internets. Read the Tribune review, the New Times write up and see a lot of Tall Bike Posse antics on Flickr.
Why did we stop? Conducting free events like these doesn't feed hungry mouths, pay bills, or rent. Oh, but the memories, friendships, possibilities are priceless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From a Tissue Sketch...

This is one case where I'm happy I inspired another artist to grab the growler and run with it.

I did the initial rough sketch (below) on tissue paper as a direction for Central Coast Brewing to go with a shirt design; maybe three years ago. I didn't have the time or resources to bring it to fruition at the time. The artist/illustrator who was contracted definitely had the style I would have looked for to finish the job. I'll take my payment in beer, thanks.

Order yours on the website.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mural Progress

I think I'm done. The side of my studio has been the outdoor painting area for the last month and a half. Initially, it was a project conceived three years ago as part of Santa Margarita Beautiful. Back then, we gathered eager volunteers from the Santa Margarita Community Church and cleaned, painted and revitalized this little downtown blight. This mural is either the last installment of that project or the beginning of something new...
The walkers on the railroad access road have watched the progress and have been inquiring about it. For the curious, I wrote in chalk: "THIS ART IS A GIFT TO MY TOWN." CONTRIBUTE! It's meant to be a rally cry that you can make a difference by being a part of your community and giving.

The title of the mural is: "Springtime Poppies Under a Contrail Sky".

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Power of Art, Free Art

Selfless Selfie (is there such a thing?)
I believe in the power of art, free art. I believe art changes the place we exist. It brings connectivity to humanity. It enriches a community when it is given to them from the heart of the artist. It brings wealth twofold when it is given away. I'm getting ready to enrich our little downtown blight with a glimpse of spring explosion that happens usually all too short. This gift of art is for my community to enjoy. I can't wait to install it. Here's a glimpse of the WIP below.
"Poppies under a Chemtrail Sky"