Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here is a Poster I did for Don Lampson, a singer, songwriter and the real thing. See him at the Steynberg Gallery 01-31-09. His music is contemporary western ballads, folk and tempered wisdom from real life stories, having a big heart and a voice that resonates. Another Santa Margarita talent Jade Jackson will open for him.

Here is a message Don sent me:
"I'm going to be on the Dave Congalton radio show, Monday, Jan 26th,
at 6:30 pm, PST... The station is KVEC, 920 AM, or you can hear it on line at
Hope I don't "slip up", and use any cuss words on the air?"
~ Don

Friday, January 23, 2009

The off-the-wall art of John Cerney

Art may be the last thing you expect to find near the roadside when you speed along Highway 101. But as you pass King City, if you don’t blink or fiddle with your iPod, you’ll encounter the oversized portrait of an old woman staring down at you from a hill a quarter of a mile to the east.

John Cerney does Public Art the way it should be done. It fits into the landscape and is so appropriate.

Death and Taxes 2009 is now available!

I am a visual person and love information graphics. Complicated subject matter boiled down to a visually compelling graph is an art form. Jess Bachman, the creator of "Death and Taxes" is a talented information graphics designer and his poster really helps visualize just how our government spends our money. Check out and order your poster TODAY!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Retro is my motto!

Everything old is new and I'm still on a nostalgia kick. I'll be looking for these in my local thrift stores and wearing them proudly because "I'm recycling!" Find your favorite pair here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Raymond Loewy Designs are just "Cool"

Modern design was shaped by Raymond Loewy; best known for such American design icons as the Coca Cola bottle, Air Force One, Lucky Strike, Greyhound Bus, Pennsylvania S-1 Locomotive, Exxon and Shell logos, NASA interiors for Sky Lab and the Space Shuttle along with the Avanti.
A bold self-publicist, Loewy published his autobiography Never Leave Well Enough Alone in 1951. He recounted that his start in industrial design came when, at sixteen, he designed and sold a successful model airplane. Over the course of his career he created some of the most enduring images of the mid-century industrial design.