Monday, February 23, 2009

Brandmark Case Study

Final Version
Project:Synchro provides organizational performance enhancement through consulting and coaching. Clients include technical and manufacturing companies and organizations wanting to develop systems and processes to create a unified workplace and support lasting cultural change.
"The owner wanted to create a timeless graphic reflecting her business model in a visual way. She had a triangle and gears in mind and wanted to use it in the design.
After interviewing her and the way she conducts business, I could sense that flow was important, something dynamic and moving; she said her husband was into motors. My first thought was Wankel engine ;) exploration, then focused direction. I looked into the rich history of the triangle in different cultures, and looked for interesting patterns to explore."

Version 2
"Ths version is based off the pattern found on the Borromean triangle with colors that mix to create a luminescent quality. The idea that everyone brings something to the table and adds to the final idea."
Version 3

"I had to entertain the triangle and gears she initially conceived. We all agreed it was too heavy and didn't speak to her business model."

The version approved turned out to be a great balance of both analytical skills (Fractal triangles) and intuition (sumi brushstroke) to get to the solution, whatever that may be. It is open and unconfined which also speaks to her business and clients.
Everyone was happy with the final solution.

Special thanks to Susan at Big Ears Strategic Marketing for bringing me into this project.

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