Monday, September 27, 2010


The City of San Luis Obispo's Art in Public Places Program has commissioned local artists to create masterpieces on 16 utility boxes featured in downtown San Luis Obispo as part of the “BoxArt” program. I was told there were over 30 submissions and 13 artists selected (two were assigned more than one box).
I took a self guided tour to see progress, talk to the artist and post photos on bilbord99's Flickr site. Many were still at it on Day 3
I think the artists are doing a great job, and the city should be grateful for their time and effort, and hope each and every one of them get great commissions for future work.
Where are the artists Jeff Klassen, JA/BC boys, Jon T. Jones, Burly Vreeland, Neal Breton 
Does the art do more than look pretty? 
Does it stimulate thought, a reaction, an emotion? 
Does it relate to its surroundings?
Talk amongst yourselves...

 Wipeout Trout Coleen Gnos
How many remember the fiberglass Trout About Town? There was a lot of vandalism and theft to these a few years back.

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  1. downtown slo doesn't want too much thought stimulation going on

    some of the stipulations for the artwork included: may not contain advertising, religious art, sexual content, negative imagery or convey political partisanship.