Sunday, August 29, 2010

I forgot my Masonite!

I thought I had it all together for a paint session after QiGong at m.BODY along the tracks in San Luis Obispo this morning. Unfortunately, I seem to be reaching that point in my life where the mind is not so sharp...

I ran through my mental checks:
  • Rag, check. 
  • Tin cup, check. 
  • Water for cleaning, check. 
  • Water for Bill, check. 
  • Sunscreen, check. 
  • Cowboy hat, check...
Until I had pulled up to the site. 

"Did I stash the Masonite board in my kit? Shite-no!"
I did stash a No. 2 pencil and my sketchpad:
Century Plants along SLORR Tracks

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