Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dennis Hopper Gets His Star

A true custodian of the Arts and an Artist himself, Dennis Hopper in his twilight is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It almost seems trivial at this point. He has always been an icon for individuality. Dennis has epitomized the independent free thinking sensitive and in some cases, the dark side of the human experience.

His long list of playing your worst nightmare in films has created a brand unto himself. This of course is the one dimension portrayal of a man who like all humans, has many facets: Artist, Art Promoter, Writer, Independent Filmmaker, and one who did it all through a passion for Art and certainly not to turn a buck. Support ALL the Arts because you love it, because the art speaks to you, and not because it is the cool thing to have, the best investment, or because it matches your decor.
Art is for all.
His Laundry list of roles and films from IMDB
Portrait of Dennis Hopper by Andy Warhol
Monsters and Critics article

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