Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A friend of mine held an event called Boobs 4 Boobs as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Survivors called Enhancement of Morro Bay. The attendees are a unique, open minded group of people with creativity beyond what most public venues would allow. Imagine cross dress burlesque, meets speak easy, meets the arts. The artwork created for the event had to have a breast theme and were to be silent auctioned that night. I created a 26" boob from a 5-speed bicycle wheel and painted it accordingly.
I delivered and hung it before the party (I could not attend, bummer). It looked great amongst the photography, paingings and sculpture. At 10pm, I get a text message saying my bike wheel boob is up to $205, at 10:30 closing auction price was $250 - top seller! ALL the money goes to Enhancement of Morro Bay.

Exerpt from the invitation:

"Yes, it's that time of the year! Mark your calendars for November 7th, 2009 and please join us for:


Mayhem and I are proud to host the fourth incarnation of our annual event to raise money and awareness thru a silent auction of community-member donations of art celebrating boobs in a variety of styles. This year we will also be holding a raffle for one of the donated art pieces -- so if you don't feel you can make the event, or can't bid your rent on a picture of someone's boobs [even for charity!], please help support the event by purchasing a $2 raffle ticket and get the chance to take something FABULOUS home!

The one-night event raised a total of $4240.
$1905 through the event, an anonymous donor gave $1200 and this person's company matched that donation with $1135, Stunning!
The losing bidder commissioned two more bike wheel boobs. I added nipple rings (chrome headset spacers) on this pair:


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