Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some things move at a Glacial Pace

I have have a client (20 years) who stuck with me and sees the value in my work. He is an inventor that has been refining his product since I can remember. I initially helped him with a logo for his microwave tester, then worked on the look of the product itself, then the instructions, etc...
None of this happened at once. It's been literally 20 years since its inception. Lately we've stepped up production and produced separate instructions for fast food companies like McDonalds, Arby's and Burger King. Each round, we refine the information a little more. We cater to the needs of the fast food places, but keep the integrity of the brand by keeping the requests within the parameters established over the years. I think the slow evolution has helped us both keep our heads wrapped around the whole brand.
Without thoughtful process, a brand may miss an opportunity to develop in ways that otherwise be overlooked. I still get impatient though, that it can't move a little faster.

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